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Paranormal Picks

Paranormal Room


We now have an entire room dedicated to all our Paranormal Items and our normal oddities. 


If you are sensitive to negative or paranormal energy, enter the Paranormal Picks Room with Caution. This is not fake attraction. We have legitimate confirmed paranormal items. People have been affected by some of the "energies" in the room. 

Paranormal Pickers


One of the owners has always been interested in the paranormal and has experienced countless "encounters" throughout his life. Oddfellas decided to offer Paranormal Picking. We pick places with paranormal activity. We speak with the owners and hear the stories. We go in and as we pick for items we do paranormal investigating to validate the story and see if there are any messages that want to be heard. Our equipment is the same you'll see on any paranormal investigation show. If you own a place like this or know someone who does, contact us. We dont charge for the service and we pay you if we find anything we'd like to buy.